It’s funny in a way because as this new avenue was being developed in me, I was finding it hard to put the words together to articulate what I was really feeling and sensing inside.

This voice inside of me kept getting louder and more noticeable as time was going on. This voice that was urging me to “Discover Me” and the same question that I’m sure you hear as well…”What’s my Purpose?” and “What Difference Am I Making”

As fate would have it, the more I pondered these thoughts, the more I took the time to really listen and discover ME, the more I have been introduced to a world of MORE.

Tradition and Society have been laying the ground work for us Older and Wiser Women, you know who you are (we’re the over 50 crowd).

Traditionally, we are the grandma’s to our children’s children. Maybe your kids thought you should be the always available babysitter, as they launch their careers, go out at night to relax, or be the drop off point for when the kids are sick and they have to work.

Well, while that might be fine for most, I am shouting from the rooftops…


I hope that’s not a shocker, but the ones that feel like me….Get It!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love dearly all my grandchildren, I love having them over for sleepovers, taking them out shopping or lunch dates. I want to hold a very special place in their lives to help mold them and teach them things that only I can.

While at the same time, I know that there’s an even greater place or calling that’s on my life and that calling is what fills me with Purpose and Passion that I haven’t known before.

If you’re feeling this stirring, this rising up that’s pushing you forward to search for something more, something where your passions and purpose collide into something great.

Or maybe you’re longing for something more…You’re looking for Purpose, you’re work life has lost its luster and you’re wondering what’s next? You find yourself asking “Is this all there is?”

I so understand exactly where you are.

So I would love to connect with you…You can reach out to me and let’s talk. Get on my email list.

Don’t let another minute go by thinking that you’re the one feeling like this, thinking that what’s wrong with me or thinking that you’re just too old.

We need each other, so let’s connect and learn how to live these lives with more meaning and purpose than we’ve ever thought possible.











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