We’ve all heard the quote by Benjamin Franklin “Those who Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.”

While I’m sure that when we think about this, it sounds like a no-brainer, Right? Right! But as we sit here and begin to really put our goals for this New Year down on paper, our goals can take on a mind of their own. The more we write them down, it can seem like we’re seeing them in concrete. They are solid, stuck, stiff and non-flowing. This becomes a problem early n in our goal setting session because we can plan a goal or project but it still needs some flowing room. Goals cannot be set in stone, they have to be able to move and grow with us.

So something that has worked for me and many of my clients is to break the goal down into the smallest task that you possibly can.

Before we look at this a little closer lets reexamine how goals are typically birthed.

In the Goal Setting 101 format, we are told tirelessly to make SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. I’ve always had such a hard time with this, I think because all the tasks or goals are either too big or too far out there. They tend to feel not real to me so, in turn, it’s hard for me to stay focused on them.

In the traditional model of goal setting there seemed to be the ability to look to far out into the future. So the process of just in the sitting down and thinking and trying to put them down in writing was overwhelming, and because of that, I always felt like a failure before I even started, like a fish out of the water.

It wasn’t until I heard a training on a 90-day plan did things begin to click for me.

The idea is simply to set your goal for 90-days. Simple Right?

A 90-day goal plan for me was my ticket to finally feel like I could accomplish something great. It is small enough time frame that feels like it’s doable, plus I could see the goal finished, what it would look like and really sense how it would feel.

It didn’t feel like it was so far out of reach that it was unable to become real to me.

Really setting a SMART goal within a 90-day plan now makes so sense.

So let’s break this down:

            *Work on one goal in a 90 day period     

            *Break this goal down into small daily activities (Bite size pieces)

            *Celebrate Daily Successes

            *Remember Direction is more important than Speed

            *Focus on Progress, not Perfection (Making Mistakes is Part of the Process)

Growing an Online Business can seem overwhelming at times, especially if you’re starting as a Solopreneur. Working on your social media, producing content, producing free giveaways, doing videos, blog posts, social media posts, I mean the list is endless!

But in our 90-day plan, we work on one thing, one avenue to focus on. Let’s for a minute forget the far-reaching goal and focus on baby steps. Let’s think what I can do today or this week to push my business in the right direction. Or what can I do today to put myself out in front of my ideal audience.

Focusing on small wins builds your confidence and begins the momentum that all business leaders need.

What I have found is that when I tried to set goals that were too big and I didn’t accomplish them, I felt like a Failure. And the more times this happens the less I wanted to do.

When you’re trying to look at the Big Picture it can seem Daunting! There are way too many “Have To’s” that for most of us with busy lives already the fun is gone and we are heading towards giving up before we really had time to start.

Looking at Small Daily Wins and Celebrating these and your Ability to accomplish them is a definite move towards progress.

Progress Drives Motivation…Which In Turns Drives Greater Progress!