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More Than 90% Of All Online Business FAIL Within The First 120 days.


So do I have your attention? Awesome, but what this stat doesn’t tell you is that there are 10% who do succeed and succeed well.

Ok so let’s start by saying…You know deep down in your heart that you have what it takes to launch an online business…Successfully.

You’ve had tons of ideas but you’re struggling to find something that sticks.

You’re drowning in the sea of noise in this online world…You’ve downloaded every FREEBE…Signed up for countless of newsletter and attended numerous mind numbing webinars  that are all FLUFF but really don’t tell you any of the How To’s.

If only you could find someone who actually knows what they’re doing!

You might have struggled to figure out how to put your skills set and decades of experiences into a business that you’re passionate about, can make a difference and make you the money you deserve.



You are in the right place… to learn from a seasoned online business strategist… that can show you how to take not only your skills but your life experiences and turn them into your definition of success.

You see not so long ago I was exactly where you are…Doing what everyone told me I should be doing.

Consuming a ton of information out there but learning nothing and I was left to struggle on my own as well as figure out how to take my vast experience and turn it into a business that leaves the world a better place, a place that allows me the ability to stop doing business as usual and know that I am giving back, using my passion and purpose to do what’s right…plus make some a good living for my efforts…


Here’s What You Need To Know About Me

I’ve spent over 4 years, which translates roughly to 20,000 hours of learning and implementing what works and what doesn’t.

I’m known for being a straight shooter but with the soft spoken heart of kindness and understanding because I know what it feels like to be disappointed time and time again.

I thrive on Strategies, System’s and Increasing your bottom line

I teach you how to make the techy side of your business your BFF

I have designed my business around my life and not the other way around


How To Work With Me

As an experienced Online Business Strategist and Success Coach I help my clients find the perfect blend of balancing Your Passions – Skills and Decades of Experiences to make a difference in your communities and the world

Through my signature program Prepare – Package and Promote Your Expertise Online… I give women entrepreneurs the practical and actionable strategies to attract their ideal clients, make more money and have fun along the way.


Here’s What You May Want To Know About Me…The Fun Stuff



While I love my business my personal life is just as important and designing a business around my lifestyle was one of my major goals. (Here we all are)

I have been married to the man of my dreams, my knight in Shining Armor, Jose, for 37 years. We have raised 5 children who have all grown up to be pretty amazing adults, we have 4 totally special grandchildren and we spend a lot of time together. As with any large family anytime we get together or go somewhere it is a grand production.

My husband Jose and I love to travel; sitting on the beach at a beautiful resort is always our first choice.

I have my own motorcycle license, when I turned 50 this was on my list to do for that year. So we bought a beginners Suzuki and I taught myself how to ride, got my license and absolutely love the freedom of the open road.

I am a web designer by trade…I work locally in Augusta, Georgia with small businesses to help them grow their local online presence

I am an avid reader and love learning new things. I am not your typical Grandmother for sure, I’m a little sassy and very nontraditional.

I am a Big Thinker, very Optimistic and believes that there is a Genius in each of us…we just have to take the time to discover her…

I look forward to working with you!