Here’s What You May Want To Know About Me…The Fun Stuff

While I love my business my personal life is just as important and designing a business around my lifestyle was one of my major goals. (Here we all are)

I have been married to the man of my dreams, my knight in Shining Armor, Jose, for 37 years. We have raised 5 children who have all grown up to be pretty amazing adults, we have 4 totally special grandchildren and we spend a lot of time together. As with any large family anytime we get together or go somewhere it is a grand production.

My husband Jose and I love to travel; sitting on the beach at a beautiful resort is always our first choice.

I have my own motorcycle license, when I turned 50 this was on my list to do for that year. So we bought a beginners Suzuki and I taught myself how to ride, got my license and absolutely love the freedom of the open road.

I am a web designer by trade…I work locally in Augusta, Georgia with small businesses to help them grow their local online presence

I am an avid reader and love learning new things. I am not your typical Grandmother for sure, I’m a little sassy and very nontraditional.

I am a Big Thinker, very Optimistic and believes that there is a Genius in each of us…we just have to take the time to discover her…

Here’s What You Need To Know About Me

I’ve spent over 4 years, which translates roughly to 20,000 hours of learning and implementing what works and what doesn’t.

I’m known for being a straight shooter but with the soft spoken heart of kindness and understanding because I know what it feels like to be disappointed time and time again.

I thrive on Strategies, System’s and Increasing your bottom line

I teach you how to make the techy side of your business your BFF

I have designed my business around my life and not the other way around

I look forward to working with you!