I sat at my desk with my head in my hands crying, why was this so hard, I kept asking myself. As if I knew or was expecting the answer to come in an audible voice over my shoulder.

Sitting at my makeshift desk in front of my laptop was just what I did, every night. While my husband and kids were settled in for the night watching TV, I would go to the table, put on my headphones and work. The thought of building a business online, working from home, working the hours that I wanted to work and help with our finances were all big draws to me back then.

Everything I read, watched, paid for and listened to all seemed so simple…

“Just do this, have a website, then do this, create a free offer, then everyone will come.”

Well here I am, many years later and while I haven’t reached the level of success that I’m shooting for, I will say I’m so much closer.

So what did all those nights studying, listening and planning really do for me?

Let’s see….

It’s so easy today, to get something that looks like a business up and running. I mean the information out there can seem very overwhelming but also very informative.

I see people all the time thinking that “If they just build it, people will come” it’s sad but I believe we all need to go through this time to really get our feet wet in this online journey.

This start-up phase is really the weeding out part of business ownership, because this is the time that you will see what you’re really made of and if you got the goods to keep going.

But that’s for another time, today I want to share with you 4 of the biggest mistakes I see new online small business owners make today.

#1 Not Solving A Problem:

Today everyone is talking about Passion, you have to find your passion and then build from there. If you don’t have the passion for what you’re doing, how can you do it for very long? You will get burned out rather quickly.

But I have a little problem with the passion thing. I can have a passion for a number of things like swimming, boating or jazz music. However, when thinking about an online business is my passion in these areas enough to reach the goals I’m looking for. Probably Not!

The reason is because when coming online the number one thing people are searching for is a solution to a problem they are facing. If you can find a problem and offer a solution, you’re well on your way to the lifestyle you’re seeking.

You have to know and understand a problem and then offer the solution.

So think of your own life, what problems have you found solutions for? What do you just know how to do without thinking about it, that most of us don’t know? What do you love doing (your passion) that you found out how to do it better? These are just some of the questions you could ask yourself to get you moving in the direction of online business owner.

#2 Focusing To Much On The Little Things     

Online there are so many moving parts. This is the overwhelming part of your business journey. Spending your precious time on things that really don’t matter in the beginning is different for each of us. So for me to tell you what really is a waste of your time is a little harder than it can seem.

Although I do want to offer some advice here: Learning to FOCUS your time and energy to moving your business forward is a skill that will be developed over time. But being aware of the umpteen distractions that will come your way is pivotal.

Being pulled in a zillion directions is part of the process, but learning how to put the blinders on, stay focused on the goal along with picking and choosing carefully who and what you’re listening to will definitely move you forward much quicker.

Only you, the business owner, determines the direction, the way, and the goal of your business. This leads us to point 3.

#3 Thinking That One Size Fits All

Many coaches and consultants, myself included can teach and train you on how to build your online business. The thing you have to remember is that each of us has taken the time through trial and error figuring out what works best for our personalities, our families, our goals and visions.

With that said, just because someone is teaching you “How to create an email follow-up series” because it worked great for them. Doesn’t really guarantee you the same success. It’s not because the steps or processes didn’t work, it’s because they have invested the time and energy into figuring out how to flow with their skill set, personality, and learning curve this list can go on and on.

My point I want to make for you is this; The basic design of your online business will be the same as mine and many others. The way you achieve the success and reach your goals can be through a thousand different ways.

It’s not…This worked for me so I know it will work for you way.

A good coach will teach you about all the moving parts, but then an excellent coach will help you pick and choose which parts to apply based on your personality, your time restraints, your family situation and your budget. Choose Wisely, My Friend.